Maharishi Transcendental Meditation (TM)

As we progress in modern society we become increasingly stressed, and our health suffers as a result. That suffering manifests in different forms. The risk of cardiovascular disease can increase, the risk of developing high blood pressure, anxiety and depression can increase, and other imbalances can develop. Turning to addictive substances have taken a toll on health as human beings attempt to find that psychic balance and being one with the Self.

The mental attitude plays an important role on the success of achieving the balance of a healthy mind and body. Many are shifting from traditional methods of controlling these imbalances which have done an amazing job doing so, to natural methods such as transcendental meditation or TM, yoga, eating healthy foods, and overall caring for the body and the mind. Studies of have been conducted on TM and Cardiovascular Disease, with promising results.

Transcendental Meditation is an easy and effortless meditation technique with profound benefits. For information on how to practice this simple and profound meditation, click on Transcendental Meditation or TM.

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